Happiness is the way…

Are you denying yourself happiness because you are dissatisfied with your body or your life?  We are taught that happiness with ourselves starts on the outside and that the best way to achieve happiness is to look like a model in a magazine or have tons of success.  What nonsense!?

We have a habit of making our happiness contingent upon what comes after the words “if” and “when.”   “I’ll be happy when I lose weight.”  “I’ll be happy if I meet Mr./Mrs. Right.”  “I’ll be happy when I make more money.”  Let me tell you from first hand experience that none of this is true.  When I was at my thinnest I was miserable, and when I was at my heaviest I was happier than I had ever been in my life!  This was because I chose to be happy regardless of anything else.

Don’t put off your happiness because you think that you aren’t enough as you are right now!  You are more than enough! I thought this quote tied in perfectly with the theme of this blog, “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way”.  ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Start doing more of what makes you happy today and focus only on that.  Stop comparing yourself to others and wishing you had what they have.  Be yourself!! Where you are in your life right now is exactly where you are supposed to be, rejoice in this!

How can you start being happy just as you are and where you are in your life today?  What will your life look like if you let go of the old belief patterns that have been keeping you stuck?  How would your body feel?  How would you feel in your body?  Ask yourself these questions and take action.